Tax Preparation Services

We are excited to work with you and have developed a simple and efficient process to collect your data! You just need to download and complete the Tax Organizer and email it to us along with other pertinent tax information.

Client Tax Organizer

  AA American Tax Services Fillable PDF

To better protect your sensitive financial information, please contact us for our secure email address, where you can safely upload your completed Tax Organizer.

Please be assured we will acknowledge receipt of your information and will let you know if we have questions about anything or need more information. We think it is important that you, as our client, understand that we “have your back” and will be available to guide you through the tax preparation process. And once a tax return is completed, you will have an opportunity to review it before it is filed. Finally, if you have tax questions that arise in the course of the year after tax season, we are here to help find answers!