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Jane Bruno  has been helping Americans overseas with tax problems for over 30 years. Her experience of living abroad in such diverse places as France, Nigeria, Germany and South Africa gives her a unique insight into the challenges faced by Americans abroad. She has prepared thousands of tax returns for expat taxpayers as well as counseled them on a host of tax issues arising from the complexities of U.S. tax law as applied to Americans overseas. Not only does Jane have a wealth of experience, but she feels strongly that a big part of her job is to support, reassure and educate her clients about their responsibilities as taxpayers while making the process as efficient and stress-free as possible for them.

Roseann Cherenson has been providing personalized accounting, tax and financial services for individuals and small businesses for 15 years. She began her career in the heyday of the independent motion picture industry in Los Angeles, spending a quarter of her time working overseas, primarily in Europe and Australia. After becoming a Master of Accounting, she left the corporate world to focus on providing service to individuals and small businesses with unique situations. Her mission is to provide the expertise to make it easier for clients to understand their tax compliance responsibilities and help them plan to meet their immediate and future financial goals. She brings her enthusiasm and depth of tax knowledge to AA American Tax Services.

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